from by Joe Amato III




I take the road less traveled/ see me walk in the mud/
Call me Hurricane Sandy, how I'm causing a flood/
covered in blood/ it's funny cuz it's none of my own/
it comes from dummies who would have the nerve to come in my home/ call me Forrest Gump/ I started out runnin alone/
now I got the world behind me and the sun on my dome/
I'm out to take the crown/ just to put my sons on the throne/
I've built a legacy/ to leave it all for them when they're grown/
I've written these poems/ so they can have me there when I'm gone/
my words will live on/ and ill be looking out from beyond/
while I'm here/ I'm ensuring my impression will last/
because my sons will never learn these type of lessons in class/
it's all math/
I'm adding up my numbers in cash/
moving forward but I always will remember my past//
I don't know about yours but mines dirty/ break laws and never make it court by 9:30/
rhymes worthy of a place in the charts/
but I'd rather have my words find a place in the hearts/ of real fans who appreciate the placement of art/
like a renovation team/ cuz I'm known to rip a basement apart/
then I start fresh/
razor sharp words that'll scar flesh/
stress has got me on the precipice of hitting armed theft//
if I need it then I'm taking it/ by any means necessary/ me and mines is making it/
can't respect the law if the ones in charge are breaking it/ we need come together let EM know that we ain't taking this!/
sick of big brother watching every time I take a piss,
sick of politicians telling lies/
I should make a list/ ...
I take risks like Snake Pliskin/ tryna keep a safe distance/ from state prison/ formally known as Joe Pimpin'/ cuz I'm known for stabbing women like Orenthal Simpson//
If you could take a glimpse in my head/ you'd see that you can find truth in everything that I said/
Id rather walk the walk than talk about the path that I tread/ I'm the type to let my actions do the talking instead//
... so for the people that know Joe/
they know that any opposition shown is a no NO/
I weigh my ounces out to Venti-Ocho/
and did the type of dirt that you don't wash off with GoJo/
Joe - 3 is an OG/ you ain't the man you used to be? Blame it on low T/
you should act like you know me/ or you'll end up in the earth/ 80 inches below me.../
and that's a little over 6 feet/ taking out these birds/ for the shit that they tweet/
shit ain't sweet/ I'm quick to swing, splitting your beak/
when your face and the edges of my fist bones meet/
... Plus I keep 2 blades/ for cats who wanna face me/
step, and your catching 2 points/ like a safety/
before you try to be hasty/ decide how you wanna try to get home safely//
I eat MC's like a rough puff pastry/
flakey soft suckers must be bat shit crazy/
To think a rapper can phase me/
these little shits just play BIG like Gravy...
"Baby-baby"/ always rip it like Notorious/
special operations cuz this bastard is inglorious/
so for those living life with NO honor/
I'll lock you in the booth and burn it Down like Sho-shana//
you don't want no drama/ cuz I'm known to swing harder/ than the old Bronx Bombers/
Lu Gherig to the dome will cause more than head trauma/
if you getting in my way of going FORWARD like Obama/ ...
I do my best to keep my books in tact/ no looking back/ retire me in Cooperstown/ a legend with the wooden bat/
this is excellence your looking at/ Indian giver on the track/ cuz I take it back/
I react like a mad barbarian/ who can't be burned/
like Denerise Targerian/
... If my glass is half full/ I need a bigger cup/ my mic is like the hammer of Thor, you CAN'T pick it up/
... I drop bars like a cell phone dead zone/
quick to carve my name in ya headstone/ I'm well known/
The Roman numeral 3/
when you see it/ go ahead and just assume that it's me/
You get the feeling when I'm tearing a verse down/ my competition couldn't even last through the first round/
...They got a lot to say/ but when I see EM in the street/
they sweets makers after Easter/
they wouldn't make a PEEP/
MC's swearing that their fly in some worn out Phat Farm/
Im whole foods fresh/ with my New York cap on/
cats wanna fight/ then I'm gettin my scrap on/ I'm NICE,
but I'm a street fighter TOO...
no CapCom/


from Third, released November 17, 2014
Produced by Kenny Truhn

All lyrics written and performed by Joe Amato III



all rights reserved


Joe Amato III New York

My name is Joe Amato III.

Thank you for listening...

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