The Warrior's Code

from by Joe Amato III



The Warrior's Code:

Verse 1:

I got a Warriors soul/
a barbarians heart/
if you ask me to surrender/ I will TEAR YOU APART/
I sever heads/ legs/ arms/
and my blades stay sharp/
first one to charge your brigade like Braveheart/

I read The Art of War, and stay smart/
ready for whatever is in store/
facing Joe, is like your fighting Maximus in Ancient Rome/
battle to the death/
if you're scared/ you better stay at home/
made of flesh and bone/ but I'm a God of THE arena/
from the terror-dome/ to Nassau Coliseum/ theres none meaner/
mixing general aggression with a militant demeanor/
a gladiators training, with the spirit of a leader/

the soul of a soldier, thats all that I know/
I carry weight, on my shoulders so I have to unload/
I know I'm not alone and so this poem is my ode/
to everybody living life by THE WARRIOR'S CODE.

Verse 2:

no surrender/
no contender/ on the beat or in the street/ can ever see me, so remember/
I'm a BEAST/
not a friend of/ anyone who isn't meant for/ the arena/
me, I'm waiting in the basement/ to be sent up/
then I FEAST/
on the souls of these emcees who think they're better/
I can see em start to freeze/ from the moment that I enter/
my aggression/ pay attention/ learn a lesson/
from the Spartacus of artists/ go the hardest in the session/
This is HEAT/
from the best/ so go ahead and pick your weapon/
probably piss ya pants/ when I point the pen in your direction/
when I meet my opposition/ theres no stopping the collision/
stop and listen to the story/ how i CRUSH the competition!/

on a mission to develop a notorious flow/
most these losers making music do it all for the dough/
I know that i'll be walking down a glorious road/
living my lifetime/ sticking by THE WARRIOR'S CODE.


from Third, released November 17, 2014
Produced by Kenny Truhn

All lyrics written and performed by Joe Amato III



all rights reserved


Joe Amato III New York

My name is Joe Amato III.

Thank you for listening...

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