STILL Hungry

from by Joe Amato III



STILL Hungry:

Verse 1:

It's been a great life/
and I had a ball/ had it all/ used to tape the music using analog/
everything you've heard ain't even half of the catalog/
every single word will have you shocked, like a cattle prod/
Not even battle rappers rap as hard/ mastered mathematics/ now I'm dishing out the wrath of GOD/
I get the credit like a Visa or a MasterCard/ known to seize the moment/ like the D's/ seize cash and cars/
Appearing legal like I passed the Bar/
Fear no evil/ sleeves cover up my battle scars/
Rhymes infinite/ never running outta bars/ every lines intimate/ colorful like shattered stars/
I've already proven I'm smart/ what I do is misconstrued/ it isn't music, it's art/
...From the start...

Verse 2:

I got a fatherly flow/ from the old school/ these dudes don't bother to know/
My words known to cause tension/ like the arch in a bow/ and so I'm always on point when I perform at a show/
I wrote joints in my youth, that are stronger than most/
new songs that I'm hearing don't appear to be close/
So as long, as I'm here/ raise your beer for a toast/
and let's drink to the spirits/ with no fear for the ghost/
Keep my hand on the lever/ for whoever's opposed/
Get the better of the rhetoric however it goes/
... I even told, 5 percenter's bout the history of Sicily/
they listened, now they look at things a little bit differently...

Sit with me and you will see too/ I only speak truth/ and seek proof/ if it was sugar, I'd have a sweet tooth/
I'm a street dude/ I follow street rules/ born to be leader/ never following these weak fools/
I'm a teacher/ but I'm not the type that teach at school/
put together speeches and hope that my message reaches you/
I am militant/ yet I'm peaceful too/ still intent on carrying tradition through to brief the youth/
Every time I breathe in the booth/
I seem to lose my inhibitions/ like I'm drinking for 2/
Two hundred proof/ grain liquor/ makes my brain think quicker/
Use ink to paint pictures when I do what I do/
You want the truth?/
you couldn't even move in my shoes/ let alone walk in em/ you'd be beaten and bruised/
before you turn the first corner/ you could see that you'd lose/
Give me back my Air Jordan's you ain't built for this dude/
My crews hungry/ please believe you could be killed for your food/
I filled a million blank pages and I'm still in the mood...
Try to match wits with me/
you'll see what ensues/ it's no secret when I speak so there's no need for no clues.


from Third, released November 17, 2014
Produced by Kenny Truhn

All lyrics written and performed by Joe Amato III



all rights reserved


Joe Amato III New York

My name is Joe Amato III.

Thank you for listening...

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