Not An Average Joe

from by Joe Amato III




Verse 1:

You can call me Joe, Joseph or Giuseppe/ I'm wild, like a character played by Joe Pesci/
So let's see,
What other known Joe's I relate with/ I'm famous/ for my game in New York, like Joe Namath//

And so they call me Broadway Joe/ Im tryna keep this streak going/ with hits// like Joe DiMaggio/
honor roll flow/
Always making the deans list/ But I'm even meaner than Mr. Mean Joe Greene is/
Scream GO JOE...

ACT like you know me/
I Been a soldier since a child, like I ran with Joe Kony/
So lonely at the top/ when you only know winning... RUN shit/ in my Adidas/ peace to Joe Simmons/
PLEASE/ theres no discussion/ you don't need to know NOTHIN/
I 'm not the one to BLOG about beef/
Like Joe Budden/
BELIEVE ME/ I'm not frontin/ you'll see me/ there's no hiding/
I'll take away your privacy QUICK,
like Joe Bidden/ I AM...
{not an average Joe...}

Verse 2:

Joe is BACK//
Tell em Joey Crack... {ahhhYEAH!}//
I OWN the track/ see the world in slow-MO/
This ain't Florence Griffith, it's a different type of Flo JOE/
LOW pro/ mostly cuz I only know action/
Main-tain control/ like I'm old Joe Jackson/
clones actin like their SO tough, Wildin/
BUT I've taken more lives than/
JOSEPH, Stalin//

I'm no fool/ Joe Cool over Pro Tools/ old school/ maneuvers/ that HIT/
like Joe Louis/
I'm smokin, like Joe Frazier/
Leave haters with bones broken/ (shit),
They must be Smoking DMT/ with Joe Rogan/
No joking/ they always tryna get paid with no luck//
And talk about a game they never played/ like Joe Buck/
The same stuff is lame/ but I'm savage with flows/ that's why Joe Amato the 3rd/
is not ya average Joe...



from Third, released November 17, 2014
Produced by Kenny Truhn

All lyrics written and performed by Joe Amato III



all rights reserved


Joe Amato III New York

My name is Joe Amato III.

Thank you for listening...

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