Caribbean Queen

from by Joe Amato III



Caribbean Queen:

Verse 1:

She walked up/ looking like her jeans were painted on/
Is this the Caribbean queen/
I've been waiting on?/

So fresh/ she was dressed to impress/ although it didn't take much/ she had captured my breath/

for a second I was frozen/
By her big brown eyes/
At the time, what a pleasant surprise/

But from the moment she arrived I felt my life was alive/
I still remember when she told me she was feelin my vibe/

We were Sitting down at Sip and Chat/
Talkin bout this and that/
(The) chemistry was real/
and I knew that she was feelin that/

Finished up my drink and then I asked her to dance/
We headed downstairs/ everybody shot me a glance/
She was the hottest on the dance floor/
What was the chance/
As she moved/ her little batty lookin nice in them pants/
(When) Buju started playing then I made my advance/
She was surprised at the time/
I kept up with her wine/
my hands on her waistline/ I was lost in a trance/

Can this be a true romance?/
To this day it all feels like a beautiful dream/ it's just you and me baby/

::: chorus :::

No- more, love on the run/
No more love on the run...

Verse 2:

No more, loving on the run now/
I'm done with that life/
I wanna spend my free time/ with my sons and my wife/
I got a diamond/
What I look like/ playing with coal/
I keep my eyes on the future/ not away from my goals/
We the home team baby/
mind, body and soul/
Holding down this family/
Both playing our roles/
We both got a hot temper/ but we stay in control/
It always leads to something else...
I'm not sayin it though...

Let's keep it clean for the kids/
Teach them all about our cultures and the things that we did/

And if we put our chips together, we can save for this crib/
Nothing crazy/ just a place that's safe for children to live/

Jah knows/ there's no limit to the things I would give/
You bring me joy when I hurt/
make me juice when I thirst/
Cook me food when I'm hungry/ so for better or worse.../

I'm always putting you first/
My night nurse/
Not concerned with a name-brand purse/

(And) So I dedicate this verse...

To the woman who will always be the star of my team/
I'm looking forward to tomorrow with my CARIBBEAN QUEEN...


from Third, released November 17, 2014
Produced by Kenny Truhn

All lyrics written and performed by Joe Amato III



all rights reserved


Joe Amato III New York

My name is Joe Amato III.

Thank you for listening...

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